Welcome to the new age of entertainment, StarLight Entertainment®. Founded in the year 1996, StarLight Entertainment® operates within the axiom of 'total entertainment' offering services in sports, music, literature amongst many more.

At its inception, the company operated under the name of StarLight Productions, originally geared toward music productions and promotions, and TV documentaries. Some of the earlier work by the Managing Director were done under this name. The name was later changed to the more fitting present name of StarLight Entertainment®.

StarLight Entertainment® is a more appropriate name given the expanded services presently offered by the company. The other, and a really good reason for the change in name came in the form of fate! At the time of its registration as a company, the name StarLight Productions was not available at the registrar's office.

With its final appearance on the Internet, StarLight Entertainment® has come of age and the company is looking forward to maximise its response to her clients' needs.

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